Adroit Photo Forensic
  • Recover More Photo Evidence
    Adroit Photo Forensics recovers photos that no other product can. Using our proprietary SmartCarving™ and GuidedCarving™ technologies you will never miss out on that crucial piece of evidence showing a victim or suspect.
    • Active Recovery
    • Multiple Carving Techniques
    • Windows Thumbnail Cache Recovery
    • Embedded Photos (Office, pdf, zip)

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  • Digital Assembly, LLC. is the global leader in image forensics for law enforcement, intelligence and corporate investigations. For years our products have been able to extract evidence that no other product can while reducing case processing time for investigations with photos. We provide the best way to organize, filter, categorize and report on photographic evidence.
  • “Adroit Photo Forensics is easy to use and finds and carves photos better and faster than other forensics tools on the market and is therefore an excellent complement in a forensics toolbox.”

    - Thorbjörn Johansson
    Swedish National Bureau of Investigation
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